Tom Joyner Foundation partners with Clark Atlanta University and Rbellah LLC

Clark Atlanta University TJF School of the Month August 2014

Clark Atlanta University is the Tom Joyner Foundation’s August 2014 ‘School of the Month’.  The foundation, formed by the nationally syndicated radio personality, chose Clark Atlanta, as part of its on-going effort to assist these institutions in broadening and strengthening their efforts to raise money to help keep students attending HBCUs.

As one of the Tom Joyner Foundation ‘Schools of the Month’, each school will be promoted by the Tom Joyner Morning Show and receive those funds raised from listeners, alumni and other interested parties that month. The show, aired in 115 markets around the country, reaches nearly eight million listeners every week.

RBH Clark College Class of 1979

RBH Clark College Class of 1979

As a proud 1979 graduate of Clark College with degree in Business, my matriculation there set the stage for the wide range of experiences and success that I have had over the past 35 years.  One of them is my entrepreneurial ventures.  My company, Rbellah LLC is partnering with the Tom Joyner Foundation to raise funds to support students much like myself all those years ago.  We are a natural bath, beauty and wellness company, specializing in handcrafted products that are nourishing, pampering and protective for the skin.  If you would like to experience our products for the first time or take the opportunity to restock your supply, we are offering a 25% discount (in celebration of CAU 25th Anniversary) on all ONLINE products for the ENTIRE MONTH of AUGUST.  Use the code CAUTJF2014 in your shopping cart here.  Your savings will be MATCHED dollar for dollar and contributed to the Tom Joyner Foundation for a 100% pass-through in our national fundraising campaign.

Clark College Alumni Association DFW Chapter circa 1988

Clark College Alumni Association DFW Chapter.          circa 1988

It is a marvelous opportunity to be honored as the representative for the Dallas Fort Worth Chapter.  I have a long history with the chapter, including being the first president of the chapter when it was organized in 1988.  Now as a Lifetime Member of the Clark Atlanta University Alumni Association, Inc. I am proud to be able to be a supporter to champion the continuing success of the university,  my community and society at large.  CAU combined mottoes are just as pertinent today as they were 25 years ago: “Culture for Service” and “I’ll find a way or make one!”

CAU Alumni Association welcomes Dr. Dennis Kimbro

CAU Alumni Association welcomes Dr. Dennis Kimbro

We are pleased to have the guidance and support of Dr. Dennis Kimbro, a current CAU faculty member in the School of Business.    He is also the best-selling author of five books, writing partner and master trainer for the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation. He is a recipient of the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement award.  Dr. Kimbro recorded this radio spot in support of our national campaign, “Opportunity Starts At Home.”  For more about Dr. Kimbro visit his website here.



WFM Colleyville 2014

WFM Colleyville 2014

The city of Colleyville welcomes the newest Whole Foods Market in the Dallas – Fort Worth area on July 8, 2014.  The store is in the former Alberstons Grocery Store location at 4801 Colleyville Blvd.  It’s in a great neighborhood and will receive great community support and patronage.

We are excited and very fortunate to be included as a local vendor with our Rbellah Soaps.  There are eight delightful, all natural, skin loving selections to choose from: Lavender Fields, Rosemary Mint, Royal Lime, Skin Deep, Ginger Snap, Double Mint Wake-up Call, Good Karma and Cashmere.  Our Tarrant County customers have been waiting for this additional outlet to purchase our soaps and it’s now here!  We’re looking forward to meeting them and new customers alike at one of our on-site demos in the near future.

If you’re not in the local area, you can order on line here.  Thank you for supporting our GROWING business.  You are the wind beneath our wings!


Customer Service

At Rbellah LLC we are shoppers just like you and we put a premium on providing the best customer service possible.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products or service, please contact us immediately and we will do what it takes to correct the problem.   In the same manner, if you are pleased with what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us also.  We have a special page set aside for your comments called, Atta Girls!


You may place an order with Rbellah LLC using either of these two methods:
*   Online at any time
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All orders are acknowledged with an Order Confirmation Email.  Most orders are packed and shipped out within two business days.  In the event that an item ordered is out of stock, you will be notified by email and given the opportunity to revise your order.


We accept major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, America Express, Discover) PayPal,  We use a Secure Payment Server and for security purposes, your billing name and address must match with the credit card being used for payment.  Sales tax must be charged for residents of the State of Texas – our home location.


Generally, orders are packed and shipped within two business days.  In the event of any type of delay, you will be notified by email.  Orders are shipped from Texas, zip code 75094.  We charge shipping based on actual weight of the completed package, unless we are running a Flat Rate or Free Shipping Promotion. We generally use USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground Service.

Damaged Items

Upon receipt of your order, please inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during shipment.  If there is a problem, please contact us immediately for a resolution.  Also, please retain the box, including the packaging material and the damaged item(s) for possible inspection by the carrier.


As shoppers as well as business owners, we value our privacy as we know you do too.  Our Privacy Policy is simple – we do not sell, trade or share any of your personal information with anyone, for any reason.

A Honey of a Face

A Honey of a Face

A Honey of a Face

Spa Sunday – Thanks to my friend Cynthia of the ShalenaDiva Prayer Altar for this great idea to use a banana – a soothing and moisturizing facial mask.  Mix a ripe banana, 2 TBLS each plain yogurt and honey into a smooth paste. Apply to face and neck. Let rest for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Pat dry and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.

I tried this on whim and I must say I was so pleased with the results.  All morning and into the afternoon, I was getting compliments on how beautiful I looked.  I smiled and told them I had done a wonderfully easy and fun face mash with ingredients right from my kitchen.  My skin was noticeably smoother and tighter – I could actually feel the mask “working!”

This trick in my “Spa at Home” toolbox is definitely a keeper.




Soothing Simple Foot Soak

Ahhh . . . Spa Sunday Foot Soak

Ahhh . . . Spa Sunday Foot Soak

Ahhh – Spa Sunday Foot Soak! Use some of your Valentines Day flowers (or any day flowers) to add beauty and textural interest to a soothing foot soak.

Cover floor with towels to prevent slippage and catch any overflow of water.  Use 1/2 cup of Epsom, Bath Salts or your favorite Foot Soak to a basin of warm water.  Add a few drops of Lavender and/or Tea Tree essential oils for their relaxing and anti-bacterial properties. Soak feet for 20 minutes, pat dry and apply a generous amount of lotion or cream. Put on cotton socks and wake up to noticeably softer feet.

Pampered Hands

Simple ingredients, beautiful results.

Simple ingredients, beautiful results.

Our hands are two special appendages with which we greet the world with a handshake, a friendly wave, a pat on the back or a tender and reassuring hug.  Yet, they are so often neglected in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.  Here’s an easy, quick and effective Spa Sunday Treatment for two of our most important body parts.


1/3 cup salt

1/2 cup olive oil

Fresh Lemon

Nail Polish Remover (if needed)

Small bowl.


Cotton Socks

Cut the Lemon in half, set aside.  Carefully WARM 1/2 Cup of olive oil in the microwave (about 30 seconds) or hot water bath.  Reserve 2 TBLS.  Remove nail polish, if necessary.  Wash hands.  Rub the lemon on clean nails to naturally whiten them.  The citric acid does wonders for nails which have been darkened by nail polish and smoking (God forbid).  Dark nails can also be an indicator of an underling health problem so if the condition persists, please check with your health care provider.  Discard the lemons in your kitchen disposal or add to your compost bucket (nothing is wasted).

Soak your clean nails in the warm olive oil for five minutes per hand, massaging the oil gently around the cuticles.  If desired, re-heat the oil for another 30 seconds.  Stir in the salt to the warmed oils to make a paste.  Over the sink, rub the Salt Scrub into the hands, again paying special attention to the cuticles and any rough spots.  Go ahead take a moment . . . you deserve this special pampering.

Rinse the excess scrub from your hands with warm water.  Apply the reserved olive oil to your hands, gently massaging into the cuticles.  Cover with cotton socks and relax into noticeably softer hands.  Perfect while watching your favorite TV program, listening to music, reading or overnight.  Remember, our hands communicate so much about us; make the message one of love, caring and attention – with simple and readily available ingredients.

Roses, Milk and Honey Bath

Rose, Milk and Honey Bath

Rose, Milk and Honey Bath

Spa Sunday ~ Bathe like the STAR you are! Bloom off those Valentine, Anniversary or Birthday Roses?

No worries, use them in a relaxing Milk and Honey Bath. Add 1/4 cup honey, 1 cup each of milk and bath salts to warm water. Relax for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm shower water. Seal in the softness with a rich moisturizing lotion.

Enjoy your night!

Rbellah – A History Lesson

The "Soap Lady" at work.

The “Soap Lady” at work.

I am a wife, mother and lifelong creative spirit and entrepreneur of handcrafts.  For ten years I have produced and marketed nature inspired bath and body products, now known as Rbellah, which is a smash-up of my name, Rhonda Bellamy Hodge.  My company was formerly known as Diva SpaWorks.  Many of my customers call me “The Soap Lady” – and I proudly answer to that!

My business started as a craft project with my youngest son.  It has now grown into a line of products that I happily put my name on.  Included are handcrafted aromatherapy soaps, lotion bars and whipped body scrubs.  I was mentored by several online soapmakers and sold their products for 18 months before starting my own line.  Over the past ten years, I’ve sold my products at local craft fairs and online.

I enjoy the ability to create a “Living Life Marvelously” lifestyle which supports my financial, humanitarian and spiritual goals.  I am excited and inspired by the pleasure of taking raw materials, many of which are common in kitchen cupboards and fashioning products through the wonderment of chemistry and creativity; products which are in great demand from a loyal and growing customer base.

We create the most marvelous, fragrant and skin loving handcrafted soaps, scrubs and lotion bars.  Primary ingredients are Olive, Coconut, Rice Bran and Sunflower Oils, Shea and Cocoa Butters and pure Essential Oils.  This foundation of high quality raw materials makes my products standout among a sea of competitors.  It compliments my overall philosophy of healthy living, eating and beauty – plant based and as natural as possible!  Each bar of soap is wrapped in hand-dyed, color coordinated protective paper.  It’s the perfect daily bath bar for yourself or a unique gift for someone special.  The remaining products are packaged in easily recyclable containers, which we encourage.

Rbellah Soaps at Whole Foods in Arlington, TX

Rbellah Soaps at Whole Foods in Arlington, TX

We are looking forward to growing our business to a more profitable level where I will be able to have a dedicated workspace and provide employment for others in my area.   I believe that every business, regardless of size can be a solution to our employment problem by insourcing jobs, purchasing supplies locally (when possible) and giving back to our communities.  We invite you to be a part of our success story!