Our Story

The genesis of our business has been decades in the making. We draw upon our rich cultural heritage of folk medicine, herbalism and handcrafts to create our products. We employ traditions from various cultural backgrounds such as African, African American, Caribbean, East Indian and Native American.  Many of our products are inspired by our elders.   We were so fortunate to have grown up around and benefited from their wisdom in regards to naturally healthy beauty routines and lifestyles.  Thus we give honor to them by including this inscription on every bar of soap we wrap, “Honoring the Sages who have gone before us!”

We have five goals that are the foundation and sustaining basis of our business. (1) To create products that will be pampering, soothing and nourishing to your body and uplifting to your spirit. (2) Through the purchase of many of our raw materials, containers and packaging supplies, we support other small and women-owned businesses so that we can succeed together. (3) We give back a portion of our profits as well as finished goods to select charities so that our borders may be enlarged beyond what we can personally do on our own. (4) We respect the earth and the fullness that it offers to us as temporary residents by striving to create environmentally safe products for use in our everyday life. (5) We use and encourage the use of reusable and recyclable containers, packaging and shipping materials.

Our products start with the very best raw materials possible, many of them organic, wild harvested or home garden grown. We use Aromatherapy grade essential oils, skin-safe fragrance oils and cold pressed/naturally processed oils and butters. Our Shea Butter is harvested and minimally processed (to retain most of the butter’s healing properties) by women in Ghana, West Africa as part of a local cooperative. This project provides income for the women and their families and helps them to have a more secure future.

When colorants are used, they are natural in origin, such as herbs, roots, flowers and seeds. When preservatives are necessary, we use the amount to get the job done – rather than to overextend the shelf life. We pride ourselves on providing the freshest products possible, not the most heavily preserved products. We suggest you use our products upon receipt so that you can begin to enjoy the many benefits that they offer.

Please note that our products are not meant to diagnose medical conditions or to be a substitute for your physician. If sensitivity occurs, please discontinue use.

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