Rbellah Naturals at John Paul II High School Christmas Bazaar!

John Paul II High School Christmas Bazaar 2015

John Paul II High School Christmas Bazaar 2015

The Holiday Shopping Season is off to a rousing success.  I say “Holiday” because I don’t want to ignore Thanksgiving – and jump to Christmas!  Many items of this year’s bazaar are very suitable for Thanksgiving also.  Think hostess gifts to let your host/hostess know how much you appreciate the time, effort and of course the delicious food and drinks they’ve prepared for you.  We all know how much it takes to successfully pull off even the smallest of entertaining events.

May I suggest the trio of our Grab-n-Go Holiday Gift Set.  It contains one bar each of Holiday Magic, Cashmere and Cinnamint Soaps.  Holiday Magic is a deliciously scented bar made with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices.  Cashmere is our soft and sexy scent that you may be tempted to keep for yourself.  It’s one of our top sellers across all of our channels: online, Whole Foods Markets and in-person shows.  Cinnamint is a warm, invigorating and spicy scent which is a favorite for everyone from cooks to marathon runners.  Definitely one of my favorites to warm “all” the senses on a “cold” night!

At this show there will also be a variety of clothing, jewelry, home decor items, and even some fun gifts for men and children.  On of my favorites from last year was a back scratcher made from a golf club and golf tees.  The Mister really did enjoy it and he still uses it.  He’s even saved a few of his old clubs to donate to the gentle who makes the back scratchers!  So, as you can imagine, there’s something for everyone at this show. Come find me and mention this post and receive a free gift!

Looking forward to seeing your smiling face at the bazaar.